Company History

Company Profile

Fida International (S) Pte Ltd has been a provider of technologically innovative and user-friendly products of "PROLiNK" since 1991. With more than a decade of professional experience in the Info-communications sector, PROLiNK® specializes in a wide range of products of Data Communication, Networking, Wireless, Display, Backup UPS and Accessories providing effortless solutions for both wired and wireless networks. 

Our quest for continuous improvement and quality assurance to the customer has earned us the ISO 9001 quality certification since 1999. And we will continue this tradition to provide our customers with quality and affordable products.

Over the years, PROLiNK® has built its presence through a strong foundation of technological leadership in the South-East Asia and South Asia region and is continuing to build its presence in other various markets. With sales offices in 18 countries in the South-East Asia and South Asia region, PROLiNK® will continue to provide effortless and economical solutions that meet the needs of the home and small business users within each geographical location.


Corporate Growth History & Development

 Incorporated in 1991

    • 2400bps Modems




    • 2400bps, 9624bps Modems
    • Overseas Market Development (Malaysia)




    • 2400bps, 9624bps Modems
    • Overseas Market Development (Indonesia)




    • 14,400bps Modems
    • Implement Singapore Telecommunications Limited Project




    • First Launched Singapore Telecommunications Limited Project and Scanners




    • PC Camera newly launched
    • Overseas Market Development (Poland, Russia, East Europe)




    • Modems, PC Camera, Scanners
    • Overseas Market Development (South East Asia & South Asia Market Covered)




    • Networking Products




    • Achieve ISO 9002 Certification




    • CRT Monitor newly launched




    • Singapore Telecommunications Limited Project
    • First Launched UPS
    • USB ADSL Modems & Digital Camera implemented




    • Achieved ISO 9001-2000
    • Ethernet ADSL, Wireless products, MP3, Pen Drive,LCD Monitors launched




    • Implemented ADSL modem to Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, Maldives Telecom
    • Obtained Top 500 SME company award (Singapore)
    • Philippines Distributor Successfully Appointed
    • AVR products launched




    • ADSL2+, VoIP launched
    • Obtained Top 500 SME Company Award (Singapore)
    • Implemented ADSL Modem to Phillipines (Digitel, PLDT, Innove)
    • Achieved total turnover of US$19M




    • Successfully Appointed Mongolia Distributor
    • Launched High Power Outdoor Wireless Products
    • Launched MIMO Booster & Wireless Projector Adapter




  • Successfully launched new website




  • Launch 802.11n products
  • Launched 3.5G USB HSDPA Modem




  • HSDPA Modem/Router
  • VoIP (IAD)
  • VDSL2
  • FTTx
  • HDD Media Player
  • LCD TV
  • Netbook


 Brand Architecture