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Press Releases 2006

PROLiNK® WGH950 Hi-Gain Wifi MIMO Signal Booster Expanding Your Wireless Range And Speed By Up To 45%

Singapore, June 2006 - The latest additional to the PROLiNK® family of pc peripherals, the new WGH950 Hi-Gain WiFi MIMO Signal Booster offers simple plug-n-play with significant wireless improvements to other range expander in the market.

The PROLiNK® WGH950 features the latest Smart Antenna Multiple In, Multiple Out (MIMO) technology to offer significant wireless improvements especially for 802.11 b/g (11/54Mbps) dual-band applications operating in the 2.4GHz ISM Band.

While normal range expander/extenders improve only the wireless range in a certain direction and do not increase the speed throughput. WGH950 with its smart 4-antenna MIMO technology expands the overall wireless range & coverage by up to 35 ~ 45% and the speed throughput increases by up to 45%.

The booster allows 802.11 b/g transceiver to employ up to 4 antenna elements for adaptive antenna processing. This means that the booster is able to increase RF receiver sensitivity, extend range and provide more uniform coverage.

WGH950 attaches directly to an IEEE802.11b/g access point (AP) using a coaxial cable. Through the use of adaptive beam forming, WGH950 enhances the AP's overall range and speed throughput. This combination of a standard AP and the WGH950 significantly improves the system performance over the AP alone.

Other brands of range expander/extender will require you to perform cumbersome configuration. With WGH950, just connect the booster to your existing router/AP's input antenna connector and you are ready to enjoy instant enhanced wireless coverage and speed.

Key Features
• 2.4GHz ISM Band
• IEEE 802.11 b/g operation
• Completely Standards Compliant
• Supports Most Proprietary Modes including Atheros SuperG, Static Turbo and Dynamic Turbo
• Up to 12dB of beam forming gain
• Improves 802.11 b/g Access Points
• Using 2dB antennas:
  - Expands Overall Range by about 20-30%
  - Increases Throughput by about 30%
• Using 5dB antennas:
  - Expands Overall Range by about 35-45%
  - Increases Throughput by about 45%
• Prolongs Laptop Battery Life
• Provides Uniform Coverage
• Simple Single Cable to AP Connection
• No Software Required

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