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Press Releases 2008

PROLiNK® Launches Wireless-N Series Enjoy High-Definition Video Streaming, Clearer VoIP And Smoother Online Gaming

For those who need added bandwidth for higher definition video streaming, clearer VoIP and smoother online gaming, good news. PROLiNK®, known for its quality and value for money IT products, launches the new Wireless-N Series.

With wider reach of the wireless protocol and a significantly larger range of services, PROLiNK® Wireless-N series allows connection further away from router than ever before.

PROLiNK® WNR1006 Wireless-N Broadband Router
A draft 802.11n/b/g compliant Wireless Broadband Router, PROLiNK® WNR1006 Wireless-N Broadband Router is equipped with advanced MIMO technology. It can support data transmission rate 14 times more (up to 300 Mbps) and coverage 6 times more than IEEE 802.11g devices.

The incredible speed of WNR1006 Router can be up to 14 times faster than IEEE 802.11b/g devices. It is ideal for media-centric applications like streaming video, gaming and VoIP as it ensures optimum performance and maximum coverage with three external antennas.

This 4-port Fast Ethernet Switch also provides high-speed internet access to multiple computers. There will be no messy wires and most importantly, it is easy to configure.

Comes with 3 external antennas of receiving strength 5dBi (commonly in the market is 2dBi), WNR1006 Wireless-N Broadband Router provides superior wireless coverage for larger homes and offices and features to help prevent unauthorized access from the network or internet.

PROLiNK® WN2100 Wireless-N Mini USB Adapter
PROLiNK® WN2100 Wireless-N Mini USB Adapter Description connects notebook, handheld or desktop computer to wireless local area network. Take full advantage of notebook's mobility with access to real-time information and online services anytime and anywhere.

Users can now easily upgrade this adapter to access network high-speed internet connection while sharing any files or media, enhance internet experience with a faster wireless connection and enjoy gaming, downloading and video streaming.

With compact and mobility-friendly design, it makes convenient to everywhere, reaching to a network in high-speed and secure wireless connectivity for the N-Generation.

PROLiNK® WN2200 Wireless-N USB Adapter
PROLiNK® WN2200 Wireless-N USB Adapter provides high-speed data rate, better coverage and security. A draft 802.11n compliant wireless adapter with MIMO technology, PROLiNK® WN2200 Wireless-N USB Adapter improves effective throughput and coverage range. It expands the receiving distance and efficiently eliminates wireless connection dead spots compared with common IEEE 802.11g products.

With high data rate up to 300 Mbps, PROLiNK® WN2200 Wireless-N USB Adapter allows superior multimedia experience with faster web surfing and files transferring or downloading as well as smoother online gaming, video conferencing and high quality streaming of multimedia materials.

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