• PPL1202N


    200Mbps Powerline Wireless-N Extender

    • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standards compliant
    • Integrated with wireless and powerline networks
    • Supports data rates up to 300Mbps for wireless 11n networks
    • Simply plug and easy to install
  • PPL1202N
PROLiNK® PPL1202N 300Mbps Powerline Wireless-N Extender helps to resolve of weak or non-existent wireless connectivity in houses and offices, lets you send a clean broadband signal over power lines anywhere within a building.

By combining powerline networking technology with wireless access points, you can easily take a broadband wireless connection and spread it throughout any building plagued by wireless dead zones. Powerline networking technology may sound pretty fancy and complicated, but it's not. The technology simply extends an Ethernet network via the existing wiring of your office or home.
Smooth Traffic And Prioritization
Quality of Service control (QoS) prioritizes the data to guarantee optimal transmission quality. Video images are received and displayed with absolute smoothness, even when other applications are running on the network at the same time, QoS makes your network a pleasure to use.
Easy Setup an In-Home Network
Just one touch of the 'Sync' button to install the bridge utility, and your high-speed network is ready. It's as easy as simply plugging in your networking devices and using the electrical wiring in your home.
Noise Immune And Intervention
The device supports superior and noise immune data transmission over in-home electrical power lines. Even at the moment your family turns on an electronic device or turns off a light, you won't experience any interruption to latency sensitive applications, such as multimedia or video being shared with your family in another room.