• PRO3201TW

    PRO3201TW Display

    32" Widescreen LCD TV

    • 32" Widescreen with resolution up to 1366 × 768 pixels
    • 2ms response time give image motion fast and smooth rendering
    • Clear and sharp vision with 50000:1 Dynamic Constrast Ratio
    • Support for HDMI and analog (VGA) signals
  • PRO3201TW

PROLiNK® PRO3201TW continuous offers simply outstanding image sharpness, vibrant colors and high contrast tones. It's makes an excellent display for photo browsing, personal productivity applications and multimedia playback with an very affortable price.

Experience Widescreen HD-Ready Compability
Enjoy a widescreen theater experience and high-definition picture quality with 16:9 aspect ratio, HD-Ready campability and wide viewing angles, provides ultimate viewing experience for HD DVDs, game consoles and camcorders.

  • Response Time of 2ms - The speedy 2ms response time gives dynamic video rendered with smooth, fluid motion and no ghosting.
  • High Contrast Ratio - With 50000:1 High Contrast Ratio to providing a richer color representation, clearer and maximum levels of brightness images, especially during games and movies.
  • Vivid and Clear - Brightness rated at 450cd/m² helps maintain a high-quality picture in bright environment.

HD Technology
The HDMI connector interface allows simple transmission of uncompromised digital streams.
  • HDMI - Rapid transfer of high quality video and audio in a pure uncompressed digital state for plug and play simplicity.
  • Wide Aspect Ratio - Delivers a HD experience seamlessly.