• PDC50 50W DC UPS

    PDC50 50W DC UPS

    High Performance Power Supply

    • Dual DC Output
    • Microprocessor controlled guarantees high reliability
    • Compact size for standing and mounting flexibility
    • Supports solar powered devices and communication applications 
    • Auto restart while AC is recovering
    • Off-mode charging
    • Overload protection and short circuit protection
  • PDC50 50W DC UPS

PROLiNK PDC50 is a compact design of DC UPS system which converts AC power to DC power with dynamic voltage regulator; the UPS can ensure stable DC power to connected load as utility. This UPS system is an economic ideal for communication devices such as hub, switch and modem. The built-in DC start function enables the UPS to be started up without a supply of AC power.

To consider that facilitate and can be used under various circumstances, PROLiNK PDC50 has designed with a very compact size for locate and storage.